New Construction
We handle all aspects of electrical installation work for new construction projects.  Please submit a copy of your building plans and we would be happy to bid your project.
We handle all aspects of electrical demo and installation work for remodeling or room additions.  Please submit a copy of your building plans and we would be happy to bid your project.
We handle a vast array of electrical repairs.  We also correct electrical code violations.  Our work is done in accordance with current National Electrical Code guidelines, so you can be assured that all work performed is done professionally and safely.
Service Upgrades  
When circuit breakers in your electrical panel keep tripping, it could be due to a dangerous situation of an overload.  We can add circuits to existing panels, or for those panels that are already full or overloaded, we can change out the panel to a larger capacity.  We will be happy to assess your electrical needs and give you a quote.
Indoor Lighting  
The right indoor lighting can be beautiful as well as functional for your home.  We deal with a vast variety of lighting products and are happy to work with you to determine the best lighting options to meet your needs. We can also assist in choosing the right switches and dimmers for proper light fixture control.
Outdoor Lighting  
Outdoor lighting can greatly enhance the beauty and value of your home.  We work with a large variety of outdoor lighting:  low voltage landscape lights, spot lights, security lights, post lights and coach lights.  These also may include timers, dusk-to-dawn sensors or motion detectors.  Whatever your outdoor lighting needs, we are happy to help.
If you need to add extra outlets, upgrade outlets or simply need to replace a broken outlet, we can take care of these jobs for you.
We install a wide variety of fans for your home or business:  ceiling fans, attic fans, exhaust fans or whole house fans.  For installation or repair, we can help you with any of your fan needs.
Standby Power Generators  
Standby Power Generators can help maintain your comfort and a relatively normal life during power outages by supplying a totally automatic backup power source to your home.  When the power from your utility company goes out, the standby power generator automatically turns on - whether you're home or not - and automatically shuts it off when power is restored.  Call us to find out more about the different generator options available.
Energy Conservation  
North Shore Energy has always been big on energy conservation- even before it was popular!  We will be happy to give your home an energy evaluation and offer ideas on how to save energy.  With the new Federal Tax Credits now being offered, now is the right time to get on board with energy conservation!
Sump Pumps  
A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in a pit commonly found in the basement called a sump pit. The water may enter via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, funneling into the pit or because of rain or natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level.  We offer installation of sump pumps, ejector pumps, and battery back-up sump pumps. Call us for a free quote.
Surge Protectors  
A whole house surge protector can be installed at the main electrical panel to protect all areas of your house from sudden electrical surges that threaten to damage or destroy your sensitive electrical equipment.
Light Lift  
We can install a light lift to automatically raise and lower any high fixture, such as a heavy foyer fixture.  This is a great help with cleaning or changing bulbs on your hard to reach fixture.
Phone & Cable  
We can add phone, data or cable jacks so that you can use your equipment anywhere throughout your home, office or garage.
There are a variety of timers available that can be used to control lighting or appliances.  Timers can be a helpful convenience, and they can be used to make your home look occupied while you are away.

If you don’t see something you’re looking for, contact our office at 847/394/2096